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Parker POLY-CHEM - Series 7274 image
Parker POLY-CHEM - Series 7274

The Poly-Chem hose is designed to handle many types of chemicals and solvents in both full suction and discharge applications.

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Chemical Transport

Storage Tank Transfer

The Poly-Chem hose is designed to handle many types of chemicals and solvents in both full suction and discharge applications. This series has a corrugated cover that provides maximum flexibility for easy handling. The clear cross-linked polyethylene tube will handle many types of chemicals, acids and solvents without leaching and contaminating the product conveyed. Refer to the chemical guide in the Safety and Technical Data section of this catalog, or contact Parker to determine compatibility with specific chemicals and applications.

WARNING! Elevated temperatures can change chemical resistance ratings. Most chemical resistance guides are based on testing performed at ambient/70°F (21°C) and higher temperatures are likely to change these ratings. Many chemicals will become more agressive as temperatures increase, reducing the ability of materials to withstand them. It is the users responsibility to determine if the hose is compatible with the application. Compatibility information can be requested from Parker for chemicals at elevated temperatures, it will be necessary for users to perform compatibility testing if no data exists for the chemical at the temperature desired.

Also, coupling attachment becomes even more critical at elevated temperatures. Only permanent crimp, internal expanded or swage style fittings should be installed for applications with temperatures above 125°F. The working pressure of banded assemblies below 125°F should be reduced to maintain a 4:1 design factor based on the assembly burst capability.

4:1 Design factor

Tube: Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE)
Cover: Corrugated green EPDM with yellow stripe
Reinforcement: Textile Plies with Helix Wire
Temp. Range: -20° F to +160° F (-29° C to +71° C)
(WARNING! Check chemical temperature & concentration)
Brand Description: Tape Brand - Yellow stripe with green letters

100 ft., lengths up to 200 ft. available on quotation.

COUPLINGS: For permanent crimp specifications, refer to CrimpSource. Other available coupling options: Series 7670. For assembly guidelines and additional coupling options, refer to NAHAD Industrial Hose Assembly Guidelines.

Part No. ID
Reinf. Plies OD
OD(mm) Approx. Wt. Per 100 Ft. Min. Bend Radius Max. Rec. WP
7274-1002 1 25.4 2 1.475 38.6 64 3.0 200
7274-1252 1 1/4 31.8 2 1.710 43.4 63 4.0 200
7274-1502 1 1/2 38.0 2 2.000 50.8 81 5.0 200
7274-2002 2 50.8 2 2.545 64.6 111 6.0 200
7274-2502 2 1/2 63.5 4 3.169 80.5 168 7.0 150
7274-3002 3 76.2 4 3.685 93.6 213 7.0 150
7274-4002 4 101.6 4 4.71 119.6 286 8.0 150
Warning: Combination nipple and bands reduces the working pressure of the assembly to less than the hose's max working pressure. Refer to NAHAD Assembly Guidelines for working pressures.