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Parker Industrial

Technical Data for Parker/Dayco's Industrial Hose and Fittings Line.

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The following PARKER INDUSTRIAL products are available:

Parker Blue Thunder imageParker Blue Thunder
Parker Blue Thunder
UHMW Tube. This corrugated hose provides flexibility and easy handling in chemical transfer applications.
Parker Day-Lite Corrugated imageParker Day-Lite Corrugated
Parker Day-Lite Corrugated
This lightweight and flexible rubber hose is designed for general suction service.
Parker Dragon Breath imageParker Dragon Breath
Parker Dragon Breath
The new Parker Dragon Breath Steam Hose System.
Parker Grizzly Multi-Purpose imageParker Grizzly Multi-Purpose
Parker Grizzly Multi-Purpose
Parker GST II Air & Water imageParker GST II Air & Water
Parker GST II Air & Water Hose
An economical and versatile general purpose hose, which is excellent for air and water service as well as many agricultural chemicals including LASSO? herbicide.
Parker Jiffy Air Hose imageParker Jiffy Air Hose
Parker Jiffy Air Hose
This oil resistant hose is excellent with air tools, to convey water, mild chemicals and various petroleum products.
Parker MPT II Air & Water imageParker MPT II Air & Water
Parker MPT II Air & Water
MPT? II is a premium quality, economical, multi-purpose hose that is oil resistant, excellent for air and water service and many chemicals.