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 Perfecting Coupling Products

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Pneumatic Couplings

U-Series 6-in-1 Universal 1/4" Couplers
U-Series 4-in-1 Universal 3/8" Couplers
Perfecting Couplings
BR-Series Rectus '21' Interchange (Rectus '21' CEJN 223)
DF-Series Industrial Interchange Couplers (Mil-4109C, A-A-59439)
CJ-Series European High-Flow Interchange (CEJN 320, CEJN 420)
J-Series Truflate Automotive Interchange (Parker 10-Series, Rectus 55KM)
M-Series ARO 210/310 Interchange (Hansen Series 210/310, Parker 50-Series)
SHD-Series Schrader/Rectus '17' Interchange (Foster SHD, Rectus 17KA)
L-Series Manual-Sleeve Lincoln 'Long-Stem' Interchange (Parker 70-Series)
CL-Series 'PCL' Interchange (PCL Airflow, CEJN Series 295)
N-Series Bowes/MacDonald Interchange (Dixon Dixlock, National Series 'B')
P-Series Thor Interchange (National Series 'A", Dixon Dual Lock)
Perfecting Original Astronautic Coupling
1058-Series Heavy Duty Pneumatic/Steam Couplings
SCV-Series Excessive Flow Sensor/Check Valve

Hydraulic Couplings

Perfecting Couplings

H-Series ISO7241 Series 'B' Interchange (Parker 60-Series, Faster HNV)        
K-Series ISO7241 Series 'A' Interchange (Aeroquip 5600-Series, Faster ANV) 
AG-Series Agricultural Interchange (Pioneer/Parker 4000-Series)                    
W-Series Wingstyle Interchange (Aeroquip 5100-Series, Snap-Tite 78-Series)  
HT-Series HTMA/ISO16028 Interchange Flushface (Snap-Tite 74-Series)         
HG-Series General Purpose Flushface (Holmbury/Stucchi 'FIRG')                   
ST-Series Snap-Tite 71-Series Interchange (Snap-Tite 71-Series, PCI 71FF)    
V-Series Snap-Tite 'H/IH' Interchange (Faster TNV/TNL)                                 
GT-Series Snap-Tite '23' Interchange (Snap-Tite 23-Series, Faster 'IPP')          
 T-Series High Pressure (Snap-Tite 76-Series, Parker 3000-Series)                  

Straight-Through Couplings

Perfecting Couplings

E-Series Pressure Wash Interchange (Parker ST-Series)
EA-Series Water-Blast Interchange (Aeroquip FD69, Snap-Tite 56-Series)
CM-Series Mold Coolant Interchange (Tomco MC, Parker Moldmate)
HC-Series Garden Hose Interchange (Hansen Series GH, Parker 1163-Series)


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