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     ProGold AC, the lightweight highly flexible convoluted PTFE Pr Ggold AChose for the professional racer.  Developed by Icore International from the highly successful ProGold AR reusable system, ProGold AC offers the ultimate light weight permanently attached hose and fitting system.             
          When compared to traditional racing rubber hose ProGold AC is typically 40% lighter, more flexible and allows full working pressure throughout the operating temperature range.  All fittings are manufactured from aerospace lightweight alloys, fully heat treated then anodised to a bright smooth finish throughout.  ProGold PTFE is compatible with all fluids used in motor sport.

Pro Gold AR    ProGold AR, is a very lightweight high specification connection system of flexible convoluted PTFE hose and re-usable alloy end fittings.  It is a direct development of Icore's aerospace products which are used and specified by the world's airframe builders and are currently used by many Formula 1 and works rally and race teams. 
                                When compared to traditional rubber hose, ProGold AR is typically 20% lighter Racecar1
and allows full working pressure, +500 psi to 28" Hg vacuum, throughout the operating temperature range, -55C to +204C.  It can carry most fluids from tap water to extremely aggressive acids.  ProGold AR re-usable end fittings are manufactured from special lightweight alloys, fully heat treated then anodised to a bright smooth finish throughout.  There are no welded or braised joints and the fittings are compatible with most fluids - even methanol.
     Re-usable end fittings from the ProGold AR range are fully compatible with ProGold AC hose, enabling track side modifications to be easily carried out.

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